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Taking into account the complexity of the human beings that we are, the social demands they are increasingly complex and, therefore, require more specialized care technique. For this reason, needs take on different nuances and, primarily, emotional needs are demanding more and more attention by part of the Social Work professionals. This is a need that we cannot leave without attending since the “psychological injuries” produced by the multitude of situations of crises that people have to face in the daily life (illnesses, accidents, divorces, legal evictions, loss of loved ones, depression, loneliness, loss of personal autonomy, accidents, experience of traumatic situations or violence, material loss, economic status, etc.) frequently occur in the population we serve; emotionally affecting families and paralyzing them in your action.


Non-Violent crisis intervention training is the secret to de-escalation difficult situations. Too many people actually escalate the bad situation by becoming emotional and having their ego involved. You can learn more about Non-Violent crisis intervention training here.

On the other hand, the dilution of traditional support systems, which are losing their effectiveness, together with the rapid processes of social change resulting from globalization, competition and economic development, strong industrialization and urbanization; is it so generating situations of social vulnerability predisposing to suffer a situation crisis or emergency. Specialization for crisis intervention, as a new challenge facing the profession, requires scientific and technical training, as well as the opening of new intervention horizons and the development of new professional performance roles. Let’s remember that Social Work is a discipline in constant change and evolution, and that problems are changing and dynamic. Today, there are many and varied situations that people must do facing, having been exposed to a situation of material or personal loss, which cause them to go through a crisis situation that is often paralyzing and emotionally distressing for the family.


In addition, this situation may appear together with other aggravating factors such as the loss of social or family relationships, the decrease or the withdrawal from your support network informal, and, together, emerge accompanied by emotional factors and reactions stressful psychological problems that occur with fear, anguish, depression, sleep disorders, blockage, denial, etc. The Social Work professional, in his professional performance, offers attention, information, guidance and advice to attend to situations of need that affect people and respond to them from their own methodology, techniques and instruments of our profession. However, the performance of the actions that the Social Worker must carry out Due to their particularity, it means that not only do you have to have a specialized technical qualification, but you also have to have optimal personal strategies for to be able to do their work more efficiently and that this does not affect their well-being neither professional nor personal. Understand crisis is difficult, visit this government site on crisis to learn more.